Always Doing My Best.

There are millions of people affected by MS around the world who will inspire me, give me the confidence I need to go after my dreams and who help me stay positive along the way.
I am sure many of you have heard about actress Selma Blair having a heartfelt and honest interview with Robin on Good Morning America. And if you haven’t, here is a link where you can check it out:
They call MS the snowflake disease because it will never look exactly the same for 2 people, but I found her story to be so real, she was so honest and that was comforting…..while also being a tad scary sometimes. Watching the interview, many times now, brings me to tears every time. Not tears of fear.  Or sadness.  I have come to realize that they are tears of absolute happiness. I am happy that Selma is brave enough to be vulnerable while playing a huge role in shining a light on this frustrating and often times devastating disease. I am happy that she had the courage to do so in a world that can sometimes seem dark and isolated. Perhaps it’s just one step closer to the millions of people walking around with MS each day NOT feeling as though no one understands, or is at the least trying to understand.
I love this quote from Selma because at the end of the day that’s really all we’ve got; our best. And I love that she walked with her head held high, looking beautiful and unapologetic about the cane she now needed for stability.


4 thoughts on “Always Doing My Best.

  1. I will continue to pray for you, Lisa. God can make miracles. Not for all, but, for those who believe. Keep fighting. Those that know and love you are proud of your spirit.


  2. I also saw the interview of Selma Blair. I as well was moved to tears. Tears of fear and then tears of pride for this woman She was so brave to show the world how she was handling her disease. This disease may be affecting her body (and mine) but not our spirit. She is a true hero to all of us dealing with this condition. Each time anyone comes forward to make the general public understand this disease, well it makes a difference for all of us! Thank goodness for Selma and you Lisa for being our hero’s.


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