The Power of My Mind Over My MS Body.


It is crazy what our minds can do to us once we allow any frightening thought to trickle in. It will run with that one fear until it is way bigger than we are. Often times leaving us feeling helpless and worthless. Ok. Everyone is entitled to feel that way occasionally, you just can’t let it dictate your entire world. It is absolutely necessary to guide your thoughts toward the light of positivity, helping you through some of the fear and darkness that each one of us can feel from time to time.

Last time I wrote about my MS journey I was teetering on this imaginary boundary with thoughts of furthering disability and all of the new brain lesions that just HAD to be erupting in the tango, aka, the dance of sorrow, up there on my brain.  I am very excited to say that there are no new lesions! That doesn’t mean that my symptoms aren’t changing, but it does give me a sense of approval to go back with the only goal of becoming a better version of myself, physically and emotionally, leading the way!


8 thoughts on “The Power of My Mind Over My MS Body.

  1. In my time of need you are an inspiration… I wish I could have your positive thoughts. but alas.. my time has come… God bless


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