Take time to focus on YOU

“Have respect for yourself, patience, and compassion. With these, you can handle anything.” ~Jack Kornfield
I am on a week-long break between online college courses, so I have had some extra “me” time while my daughter is in school.  It’s been exciting to have time this week to complete the project that I have put on the back burner for weeks, clean this or that, laundry, gardening or even sitting down and just reading a good book! This has been a really nice break from the everyday pressures and stress of life.
With or without an autoimmune disease……everyone can relate! We all have things that are not easy to deal with every single day. I for one have made the choice to do it with a smile and then keep moving forward! No one thing is going to define every minute of the rest of your life, but positivity can define your life.
I am reflecting this week on just how important taking time every single day for YOU really is.  There are a lot of things that go into making your life “yours” everyday; be sure to not forget about the most important part……YOU. Do at least one thing everyday that makes you smile, that makes you truly happy.
As my break comes to a close, I now have a better grasp on the importance of taking the time to really focus on yourself, your health, and your own personal goals. It is not selfish; it is absolutely necessary. So, find time in this crazy, rollercoaster ride of life to stop and focus on YOU. Your health will thank you. 💜

One thought on “Take time to focus on YOU

  1. Well written Lisa & JUST LOVELY!!  🙂  Thanks for the heart-felt reminder.  Can’t wait to see you this weekend and so glad you’re able to come and celebrate your Mom and Joan’s birthdays with us! Helen

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