Day by day…

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It seems as though every time I begin to feel as though MS does not have control over my life, I am once again reminded that it has a tight grasp that I just can’t wriggle out of every day.  I woke up and started my day as usual, I got my girl to school and came home for a quick breakfast and coffee. Okay – time to start getting things done! I had been getting daily headaches for a couple of weeks and after researching, I was hearing pretty amazing things about the Mediterranean diet helping to minimize inflammation. As MS is inflammation in the brain, I thought this would be worth a shot because it is supposed to help with common challenges in people with MS. Maybe it would help with my headaches. It can’t get worse, right? Okay let’s do this, back to the grocery store…..

Things are going good, although I am shopping from a list that includes things I had never heard of, let alone know what it looks like! An hour and a half later, I limped my way to the front to pay and head home with my bags of unknown veggies supposed to help with the inflammation in MS patients.

Fast forward to the next day. Good, productive morning with a healthy breakfast – as suggested by the Mediterranean way of eating. And then it begins.  A headache. Not debilitating but super annoying, making it really hard to complete my school reading and assignments. But I push through the day with every hope that tomorrow will be better. An “off-day” can happen to the best of us.

But then in the middle of the night I awoke to that annoying, nagging pain in my head. I feel like my life is becoming a game of wake, take pills, take a nap, apply peppermint oil to temples, take more pills and try to sleep through the night. Unsuccessfully. Starting to feel like a bottle of shampoo: apply, rinse and repeat! My days start to feel like the movie Groundhog Day.  Here we are, almost 20 days later…..

Either the headache is beginning to dim, or I am getting used to it. I have a Neurologist appointment in a couple weeks so let’s hope there are no new or active lesions – the joys of living with this disease. I wake up every day so happy that my MS is not worse than it is, but at the same time, I will wake up every day fighting against any new symptoms and challenges that are thrown my way. screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-9-36-30-am

One thought on “Day by day…

  1. Hang in there, Lisa! Thank you for sharing once again with your friends and family. We all love and support you in this journey – standing ready to help in any way. The way you handle each challenge with such a positive attitude makes me feel so proud of you. As your Mom I want to make everything better for you but I know I can’t and then I realize that you have the strength and courage to take on all of life’s ups and downs. You got this!! I love you💕

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