Not everything is MS related. Or is it??

Is this MS related?  This is a question I have been haunted by continually, especially in the last 2 weeks. For those of you have MS, know someone who has MS, or are living with an autoimmune disease yourself, I am sure you can relate to the panicky feelings that can arise from several days of unexplained symptoms.
I recently experienced this and I am so relieved it has since vanished. What a scary 2 weeks! I was unable to function at the level I had been before, only a week ago! What is happening? I had to lay on the floor while my daughter brushed her teeth and I was forced to surrender to a 3 year old’s bedtime. Housework didn’t get done. Homework didn’t get done. All without an understanding or explanation for my husband but especially myself.
I went to my scheduled annual MRI during this time, convinced they were going to tell me I had new, active lesions on my brain (something that I fear the most so far during this journey) and once again, I would be forever changed…..
Pretty dramatic, right? Every ounce of cool, calm and collected was gone for me during this time. This is not me and I needed answers – the good, the bad, and the ugly, I just needed to know.
Thankfully, all of my labs and even my MRI came back showing that there is nothing new – I am stable! It’s like I was holding my breath for the last week, and now I can breathe again! What I learned from this experience is that MS may show its face at different times and for no apparent reason. But I vow to keep getting up, dusting myself off and carrying on positively in this life, surrounded by the wonderful people, that I am so lucky to have!
A couple of quotes I came across that have really inspired me to continue to live each day to its fullest: “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace”, and most importantly “Wake up today knowing that whatever happens, you can handle it”.

4 thoughts on “Not everything is MS related. Or is it??

  1. Sweet Lisa – Your Mom had mentioned to me very briefly last week the struggles you were having and this beautiful blog really spells it all out.  I’m just sorry you have to deal with the unpredictabilities of this crazy disease.  And thank you though for sharing – for opening yourself up and making yourself vulnerable by being SO honest about what life is like for you.  I for one am so appreciative to have a better understanding of what’s going on  in your life, because I really don’t know a lot about this disease.  Stay strong – and I love your positive messages at the end — I even printed them out and gonna post them so I can remind myself of the same thing every day! Love ya girl. Helen


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