Learning to ask for help…

I think one of the most difficult things along my journey has been knowing when to ask for help.  I believe going from a girl who had fallen, picked herself up only to be knocked down again has been a frustrating learning experience to say the least. I am grateful for everything I have in life and the people who have stood next to me through hard times, not only with MS but the struggles we all face.


I was so excited to go to Mexico this last week and celebrate life….as a whole.  It is good to be alive and to wake up everyday knowing that I am lucky enough to have amazing people in my life – it is truly a gift. It’s strange the way that appreciation presents itself sometimes.  While we were in Mexico, having a great time relaxing on the beach with friends, we all decided to cool off in the waves. It was so fun but my legs always seem to work overtime compensating for my lack of…..let’s call it grace.  Suddenly we were all drifting and chatting away when an undertow suddenly took control of my legs. It really shouldn’t have been a big deal at all but I felt completely out of control and it was scary. It was a 15 second panic really because my husband noticed I was struggling and being forced down and grabbed me but it felt so much longer to me.  After I got out of the ocean that day….I think for the last ocean adventure on our trip, I reflected on how it is so necessary to have someone in life you can ask to help you when you’re struggling. I realize this exact thing will not happen to most of you but I think in life that there are times we all feel like the undertow has control over us and asking for that helping hand can really make a difference. 💜


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