The day my world changed…


I hope everyone had a truly incredible holiday! It is the giving season and I believe everyone should be genuinely spoiled. This giving season can be extended throughout your whole life. Life can be very short so living everyday to the fullest, whatever your personal fullest looks like, is so important. I have revised my own personal fullest many times over my life, but I have always done my best to define what I was working toward without looking back. The things you feel are so crucial at one time in life can be overshadowed a short time later by something that reflects where you are in life in that moment.
When I was diagnosed with MS, I realized just how much I took for granted everyday. I was in Las Vegas with my Mom – tagging along on her work trip. I was simply walking down the street going to lunch when suddenly (literally, suddenly) my feet turned a weird way making it difficult to walk. My Mom and I kind of laughed it off as being my cheap $2 flip flops but if I look back to that moment now – I knew my control had been lost in an instant. I was forever changed. Damn $2 flops. If only it were that simple, I could have come home and replaced them…..with $5 dollar flip flops (Ha! That’s for you, Heather). Instead, that day changed my world and every moment since.
Now, I share that story not for sympathy (I love everything I have learned), but to simply share some insight on how a moment really can change your entire world as you know it. It can change who you are. Who you thought you would become.
I for one, would not give anything back because I do feel that moment in my life changed me for the better. I’m more courageous and feel so much more for other people and their situations. I work hard. I laugh. I love.
I wouldn’t give one moment back. Not one.

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