Fatigue and Me.


Have you ever felt as though you are trying to move forward, simply put one foot in front of the other, and feel as though you are attempting this in the middle of a windy snowstorm with over a foot of snow? That is the best way that I can explain the fatigue that a person living with MS can feel. It’s hard. The simplest tasks can be daunting and exhausting and yes, I may even celebrate a bit when I make it to get my coffee in the morning.

I know the importance of maintaining some sort of physical activity everyday, I also know how difficult that can be. Some days there’s more activity and some days there is less, go with that and keep your head held high. I know for some people living with MS that on a particular day the daily physical activity may only BE making it to the coffee maker in the morning, but celebrate that!

I have recently started a new work out regimen, again. In my house. When no one is home. Ha! The last thing I need is for my 3 year old to see me struggle through my workout but I know she would be so proud of me for trying. I’m proud of me. It is hard as hell, and I lost my motivation for pushing through the struggle for a while but…..I do know and love how good it makes me feel when I commit to moving! Like when Pheobe on friends picks up running in Central Park; I may look ridiculous and ungraceful as I try to maneuver through some of the moves but, I am not trying to impress anyone but me. And my MS. 💜

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