Childlike Innocence

I love being reminded of the childlike innocence I am lucky enough to experience again through my daughters eyes everyday. Things as simple as seeing the moon (the night of or the next morning) make her shriek with so much joy as if she is seeing it for the first time. I may not be physically able to run and jump with her for long periods of time but I love that when she is doing something for the first time she approaches it with not only caution, but extreme excitement and dreamlike happiness. She can lay in the grass, maybe for only 2 minutes at a time, but for those 2 minutes her mind is totally on experiencing the clouds, the grass and the different sounds she makes. Everyone deserves at least 2 minutes a day to daydream like a child and to lose every undesirable thought that may come to mind – erase your previous thoughts and try going after something with a fresh new perspective. Like a child seeing something for the first time.

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