Your glass is half full.

Reflecting over the last few weeks with my own personal struggles and the struggles within our country right now, I have been given the opportunity to view my glass as half full. My grandmother, Maxine, who fought a long battle with Lymphoma, inspired me until the end of her life. The biggest lesson she taught me was to embrace the positive in any obstacles we may encounter. Her strength to stay positive every single minute of her life, in spite of what she was going through was an inspiration to everyone around her. That cannot be easy. I have learned that it is so important to put your energy into the things that can be controlled; this is how we will change negativity to positivity. For me, it is learning to be Ok. Be ok if it seems the world is against you or you have to stay home from an event you had been looking forward to because you do not have the energy to go.
Looking back, I can remember my Grandma’s cooking, oh the cooking and baking! She made us amazing meals and especially treats every time we saw her no matter what struggles she may have been facing that day. We would show up at her house and she would whip up a batch of cookies or her world (our family’s world 🤗) famous pound cake or homemade ice cream. The stories and laughter that came from our last weekend together are something I will always cherish. Even during her final days her glass was always half full – that is the way she lived and we should all be inspired to do the same.
They say that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile – so why don’t we all work on smiling a little more and keeping our glass half full. There is so much good in life, even when it seems too dark to see sometimes. As my Grandma Maxine used to say “We’re gonna get through it”.  💜

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