Bigger issues…a reminder for us all.

I was driving through Starbucks this morning and I witnessed something that really made me think. A woman “let” another woman into the drive thru line when there were 4 cars behind her. I was a little annoyed, sure. But this guy right behind her flew into a rage! He was yelling and name-calling. Words no one ever wants to hear, let alone at 7:30 am! I realized in the 30 seconds of annoyance that I felt about the woman who was allowed to cut in line, that there are way, way, bigger things going on in this world. And then I thought about the man who blew his top. Maybe he was rushing and stressed out on his way to see his mother on her death bed. Or maybe he was late for a meeting and needed a pick-me-up before presenting an idea to 100 executives. Or perhaps he is just an asshole. I apologize but there are quite a few out there, living amongst the rest of us.
I hope that one day (why not today) we all take a moment to think about the bigger issues a person may be going through, and how it impacts them, before taking action or passing judgement. Whether they are parking in a handicapped spot but appear “fine” to you or putting you a minute behind schedule in order to show some kindness to someone else. I promise, this will not make you a pushover, it will make you a caring person. What other thing could you ask for in life, really? Have a fantastic weekend.  And lets all calm down a little  💜

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