Forget about the churro….

Living and Learning!
I have found that at different times during my journey following a certain diet or keeping up with a regular exercise routine can be the best thing for me. I don’t always consider myself a very disciplined person and I tend to be a little whiny if I don’t get what I want. With that being said, let’s move on ha! I love pizza. And pasta. And a good ol’ hoagie. But it has come to my attention, once again, that I generally feel better with no gluten. I have thoroughly tested eating both ways 😉 I will not pretend I understand exactly what is going on medically inside, I will only speak to what my experience has been. Eating gluten-free has helped me feel less fatigued and foggy, especially after I eat. And it also helps with the bloated, super fun look my body takes on after a meal full of gluten. So, if I am going to reach for that slice I am fully aware of the consequence.

I had a doctor that once told me “eat like the cavemen used to”. What he meant was stick to meat and potatoes. That same doctor also told me to make sure I keep moving! He recommended Pilates to stretch out my limbs while keeping my core engaged. It is so important to keep a strong core and strong legs, especially when you are living with MS. I am now trying to stay gluten free most of the time (again) and staying active! I realize this is no easy task for some, it definitely has not been easy for me….sometimes eating right and exercise is just too much work. But the payoff is so worth it.


2 thoughts on “Forget about the churro….

  1. Greetings Lisa dear! Actually I do gluten free mostly but it’s because I have been diagnosed with Celiacs disease. I really should not eat any at all, but it IS difficult, especially when there’s things like pumpkin pancakes(😋😋😋), or pumpkin anything , as well as a bunch of other stuff. Gluten free products, generally, are also more expensive. But I too feel the benefits of not eating gluten, and there really isn’t any in meat and potatoes, etc. So go for it, beautiful lady.
    By the way, it isn’t MS the doctor has I told you about. Also I couldn’t find an email address for her. Sorry😟
    This techo-challenged lady had a real hard time finding your blog. Thank goodness for a wonderful dtr in law named Mary, that knows what she’s doing, I finally found you.
    Keep after it, beautiful lady! God bless you. Eileen


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