What we can learn in challenging times…

I recently read an important article in Women’s Health featuring tips and tricks that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. It really was such an important read with several positive messages! I don’t know about you, but I sure can use a little more optimism these days. 

First and foremost, this year has been filled with things that no one could have predicted.  So, plan a time to feel worried, scared about the future and otherwise overwhelmed. By planning this time and carving it into every day for just a short period you are freeing up the rest of your time to truly experience and appreciate all of the good vibes coming at you. 

Ending the day with positivity by thinking of one good thing that you experienced today is a habit that will not only help you but it can also help your entire family to go to sleep with gratitude and hope.  This one has been especially been important to our young girl during her growth. 

Declutter your mind by recognizing and reframing any potentially negative thoughts that may hijack your brain. 

Do not compare your situation to another person’s situation. Life is not about competing against each other and trying to figure out who has this harder or is in more pain than yourself or anyone else but instead only seek to improve yourself.  This one especially hits close to home for me because I may feel envy about someone with MS who walks or talks with ease but I again remind myself, everybody’s journey and especially their reactions to their own challenges will vary from person to person. I try to always keep in mind that I could be that person to someone else that has more difficulty or greater challenges in an area.  I have learned to be grateful for my personal journey and what I take from every situation, no matter how hard it may be, or seem in the moment.  It has been a tough thing for me to learn; responding to myself with the same compassion I would another person experiencing similar challenges. 

One thing I feel like I have excelled at is allowing myself to laugh, especially at myself.  I have accepted that I will do things others may find awkward, sad, clumsy but I will also recognize the funny, honest and compassionate side of me which is far more important. 

Building my discomfort resilience is another area I can admit to being above the curve today.  However, this is such an important life area that needs to be explored and it can and will change many times over the course of my life.  Right now, it is taking a fall from a height my instability cannot handle (says the girl who once jumped from a perfectly good airplane), which unfortunately now looks like the curb outside of my house.  Ok, maybe a bit dramatic ha! 

Having an easily accessible safe place.  Think about a time and place where you feel the most comfortable, relaxed and most importantly safe.  Hang out there for a few and find your emotional balance, restoring your sense of security and safety. 

Surrender to your experiences and allow yourself the grace to live within the precise moment you are facing within your life.  Ask yourself, where am I now physically? What can I feel? Hear? See? By really taking a moment to look at what is happening right now all around you will not be duped into thoughts like, “life was better when I could……”. Instead, focus on the things you can do today. 

Follow something that gives you daily inspiration.  I have cards that I can pull for a positive thought every day.  I pull one card when I am getting my first cup of coffee and it will set the positivity tone for my day. Or explore a particular inspirational person. (I am loving Jay Shetty, author of “Think Like A Monk” these days; check his podcast out!)

Speaking of Jay Shetty, he has taught his followers, through his podcast, that it is important to use the acronym T.I.M.E. reminding yourself to apply positivity and thoughtfulness in everything you do.  Thankfulness, Inspiration, Meditation and Exercise should be in the forefront of managing your day. 

It is crucial to look at the positive things that you do well in life and your contributions within family, work and especially your journey.  Write them down! Put them inside of a folder that you can revisit time and time again to pick yourself up when things start to look a little bleak.   

Repeat the quote “trust future me to handle future problems”.  There is really nothing good that can come out of obsessing about the way things could have gone or losing yourself in an endless pit of “what ifs”.  Learn from your current situation and move on knowing that you are taking something valuable with you.  Perhaps you will learn how you will handle things more effectively the next time.  Then, let go. 

Most importantly, take care of YOU.  There is only one you, you are the only one able to adequately investigate and pull something positive from the current situation, whatever that may look like to you.  Remind yourself that “this too shall pass” and the next day you will have a plethora of new experiences and you may even have some new questions you are seeking answers to.  Shift your thinking to focus on “now” instead of what is believed to be “normal”. 

Life is going to hand us challenges, whatever they may look like specifically for you, but thinking about this current time as the “new now” will allow you to accept life as an ever-changing force and plan to keep moving in a positive direction but most importantly, keep moving forward. 

                        I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during these challenging times.  Sending lots of love and gratitude always

3 thoughts on “What we can learn in challenging times…

  1. Wow….. this is just beautiful Lisa & so very pertinent for my life right now too.  So many changes (again) and overwhelming too.  Thank you for writing & speaking from your heart.  I know this life has given you so many physical changes and I’m just loving that you still continue to look to the “positive” side.  You’re just amazing!!  Hope to see you soon honey. Helen

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  2. I love this Lu! Such truth during this difficult time. Thank you for the positivity and reminders that this too shall pass, focus on the now and being grateful for little moments 🙌🌈

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  3. This is my favorite blog you’ve written yet. I will bookmark it and revisit it when I need these important reminders and tips. Beautiful! Thanks my lovely friend! XO

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