Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

The unknown can be, and most likely is, the biggest fear for people, generally speaking.  It is so important to figure out what this means for you.  This is of course something that will be incredibly personal because only you know what makes you the most uncomfortable or like you are losing control causing anxiety in any given situation.

It can seem so easy in life to look at a situation and go right to the worst-case scenario and begin to feel helpless and hopeless.  This can sometimes seem like the easy way because at least you are confronting the issue head-on.  It also may be easier because it allows you to have feelings of contentment with the way things are just going to be now.  And then perhaps you can move on.  It is a place to build from.

However, you mustn’t allow yourself to stay in that place for too long.  It can become a negative passageway.  You are allowed to grieve what the current situation in the world is taking from you and the damage to your sense of self and safety but then try to move forward to a healthier place.  It does not mean everyday will look the same to you, or that your reactions will be the same from day to day but acceptance will get you to a place where you feel safer and take some power back in your life.

Acceptance and approval are simply not synonymous.  Just because you have accepted something is happening does not mean you approve of it.  Comparing your personal situation to another person’s situation is not productive, and never will be.  Regardless of what the subject may be.  Especially not in a time with so much fear and possibly even indifference about what the future may hold with regard to the world’s health and safety.

I have written previously about the power of positivity in all of life’s situations can be but in this current evolving situation, I am one who has to really try, concentrate and always be kind and positive.

I think a lot of that comes from simply being who I am and staying true to it.  I have MS.  I have some speaking challenges at times.  I have walking difficulty. I have a compromised immune system because of the medicine I take that makes everyday a little easier for me. My brain may not always articulate exactly what I intend it to.  This all causes, the all too familiar anxiety for me, but one thing I will say with all of this uncertainty is I will never allow myself to be anything less than kind and respectful to everyone. 

I have an incredible life, surrounded by people who love and support me.  I can only hope I make them feel the same.

I will feel more in control in these uncertain times by:

Washing my hands

Continue to keep my social distance

Wash my hands…again

Practice compassion

What? Again?  Wash hands.  Alright.

Connect with my friends and family virtually

Stay mentally and physically active

Wash those hands…ugh

Limit my intake of the news

Apply lotion for those now dry but amazingly washed hands


Don’t forget that beautiful smile


8 thoughts on “Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

  1. Yes Lisa! Don’t ever forget that beautiful smile of yours!! Each harship/unknown in life presents new & different challenges. Your positivity and outlook at life is so encouraging and spot-on. Thank you for writing from your heart.

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  2. Sending love and my prayers for your good health during this pandemic!
    The uncertainty of how long this will last weighs heavy on our minds.
    Stay Lisa strong!
    Hugs, Teresa

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  3. Love this blog, Lisa! A much needed message in today’s world. So well written – thanks for providing a perspective and gentle guidance in our day to day life.

    Love you💗

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