A Meaningful Day…

Today is a pretty meaningful day to me.

First, Happy Womens Day~

I am not only a proud woman surrounded by some amazing women, including my Mother, my sister and some pretty special girlfriends, but I am also

A daughter

A sister

A mother to an incredible little girl

A wife to a man who supports me in every way

I celebrate this day by making a pledge each year to continue celebrating the women of our past, present and future and also in support of the call to action for recognizable and complete gender equality in this world.

Today also kicks off MS awareness week.  It is one thing to “know someone with MS” but it is a different thing to provide support and spread awareness about this life-altering disease plaguing millions around the globe.

Today, as a Woman with MS, I vow to continue to spread awareness about this disease, make valuable connections and hope that everyday we move closer to a cure.  MS may always be a part of my life but I will not allow it to take away who I am in my core.


Orange ribbon on old aged background raising awareness on leukemia, kidney cancer, RSD multiple sclerosis Satin fabric color symbolic concept for public support on people living with tumor disease

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