What is it – a million degrees outside?

Ok, I want to start this off on a positive note. Here it goes. I am positive that the heat this summer has only increased to mock me and any hope of enjoying any time outside of the AC.

My plants aren’t looking as healthy as they have in years past because I just cannot be out there for longer than 10-15 min. Seriously. In the decade that I have been living with MS, I can’t remember the constant heat of the summer bothering me this much. I will look over at my husband as we watch my little girl riding her scooter or playing soccer and say “what is it – a million degrees?” He will then laugh and say, it’s “only 78 out here”. Oh my goodness- embarrassing, yes, but more importantly, what happened to any tolerance I had for sunny summer days? Oh, that’s right, it must be on extended holiday with my cognitions.

My daughter started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago – we live super close to the schools she’ll be attending through HS. We purposely moved into this house because of the other kiddos playing in the neighborhood and the close proximity to the schools. I was positive I would be one of those parents that got up and into the kitchen to make a nutritious lunch and then walk the 1/2 mile each way to school. I would then go home all full of energy, complete household chores including trimming our rose bushes and pulling the dreaded weeds before I shower and make the trek back to school to pick up my sweets. Ha…..

Then MS tells me what’s really going to happen and here’s my reality instead. Drive to the church at the top of our street because walking up or down the perfect-scooter -riding hill in our neighborhood is way too daunting of a task on most days for me. Believe it or not, this is supposed to ensure a peaceful morning walk for my daughter and I to enjoy our time together. *side note: she makes me so incredibly proud every single day because of her heart and the compassion she shows as she reaches for my hand to make my journey a little more easy and tolerable to and from school. Can’t ask for much more from our littles. I am sure I am raising a caring and compassionate girl.

Back to our morning adventure: So, we reach the church and begin the walk to school. Again, It has been so hot for me that it’s like hitting a brick wall when we step out of the car. The heat has an almost immediate effect on my balance and legs, my left one in particular will turn in and I’m forced to drag it. Luckily I have my cane with me so that will make this a bit easier, sort of. At least when I begin to trip on nothing but air, my handy cane will catch me. So I limp my way to school, hand in hand with my sweet girl trying to show her I can be strong in the face of my own obstacles.

I have always loved Fall. The leaves changing into beautiful new hues of yellow and red and who doesn’t love sweater weather. Nothing makes me happier then sitting outside, looking at all of the beautiful colors, breathing some cooler air and having a glass of vino. So, I will wait. I wait and come up with new hacks or ways to maintain comfort during these hot weeks knowing that crisp air is right around the corner.

Or I move to Iceland, which I hear is not only beautiful but the average temperature during the summer months is in the low 50’s.

10 thoughts on “What is it – a million degrees outside?

  1. Love hearing about your journey and how you always choose the positive to focus on in life, you’re an inspiration! I’m with you, I’m ready for fall and all the awesomeness that comes with it; jeans and sweaters, changing and falling leaves, crisp but sunny evenings…bring it on!

    I love you!

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