Wishing nothing but health and continued happiness in the new year!

Hello 2020!!!

Lots of coffee. Lots and lots. I am reflecting on previous years as I sit here, fighting to stay awake, with high hopes of a healthcare miracle allowing me to receive my next infusion and soon. I am also reflecting on previous years and how my life has changed.

I used to ring in the New Year with my closest friends, some old and some new, with nothing but the highest hopes of what the next year will bring into my life! A new job? A new travel adventure? Will it be stateside or exciting out of country travel?

Now I do my best to remain positive and I will enter into each new year with feelings of hope and strength. I am hopeful that this new treatment, Ocrevus, will continue to leave only a glimpse of the MS that plagues my brain and limbs on a daily basis.

Life looks a lot different to me these days……I walk with a cane most of the time and I have to carefully plan my adventures and what they may require of me physically. I will continue to call them “adventures” because as differently as they may look, I still believe they are “adventures”.  I may not have the cognitions that I used to and I may confuse easily at times but one thing that I will NEVER let go of, is my hope and the positive reflections of the future.

So welcome 2020 and cheers to the next year!

One thought on “Wishing nothing but health and continued happiness in the new year!

  1. So beautiful and true Lisa! And I hope those things for you too, and many more wonderful healing moments in your world.
    Cheers my dear friend — love ya! Helen

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