Every Day is a New Chance….

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I have had a frustrating week and a half living with Multiple Sclerosis. I am back to my normal now but I just feel that I should speak to the issues I had in hopes that it may improve the reality of another persons’ possible experience.
It is quite normal for ALL people to have good days and bad. It is a part of life that we all must embrace at one time or another. Realistically, the bad days make us appreciate the good days so much more.
One night I woke up in a daze feeling feverish, I stumbled all off-balance and was becoming more and more concerned with every unsteady step. So now I am in a slight panic and knowing that stress will exacerbate my symptoms but I couldn’t face that right now. I sat down crying and scared, what the hell is going on? Is it an MS flare up? Why is my tongue so swollen? I can’t even coherently call out to my husband.
He decided that it would be best for him to stay with me that day to begin researching what could be going on. Additionally, I wrote my MS doctor who indicated it could be stress and/or an infection. My husbands research spoke to pseudo exacerbation, which is essentially your body acting like it is in a relapse when no new lesions are forming. This can happen from your body over heating due to fever, heat or even exercise. Fun, right? So, as long as I am sitting in an igloo and not engaging in any exercise, things will be stable. Easy Peasy.
I could not even work up the energy to go see my Dr. that day, let alone drive when I was already walking like I have had 1 too many. So I lay in bed, crying and thinking I would be in a wheelchair within 24 hours. How your mind can go to very dark places when you are stressed and miserable is astonishing.
Fast forward to the next day; I was able to (after yet another very rough night) call my Primary Care Physician (PCP). He was able to get me in early that afternoon and my Mom could drive me.
Turns out I had an unrelated infection needing antibiotics. Whew. It’s not an MS relapse. I can deal with this.  Within a few days of antibiotics, I started feeling more stable.
It amazes me how sensitive the reality of MS can be in your life after being diagnosed. Not only am I forced to feel awful when I have an infection, as most do, I have to deal with MS rearing it’s ugly head on top of it. The more I learn, the better prepared I am and the more I will know the next time something like this pops up.
Onward and Upward. Again.

2 thoughts on “Every Day is a New Chance….

  1. It was a rough week, Lisa, but you weathered the storm like the positive person you are. It’s hard to understand exactly what you are going through but I appreciate your sharing so that others who may have the same experiences or love someone with the same experiences can gain knowledge and understanding 💕

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  2. Lisa, I admire you for your strength and courage,and for your incredible sense of humor -something we all need to get through this life!You have a wonderful supportive family who loves you and is there for you every step of the way.Thank you for sharing your journey with us-it helps everyone to understand your struggles and to know what an incredible person you are!

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