A Positive Mind.

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.” ~Leon Brown

Spring is in the air! Last time I wrote I was experiencing daily headaches, a bit concerned about my brain with all of this. Scary really, but I am happy to report I am now daily headache free! It is all under control and I look forward to moving on.  Onward and upward!

I also wanted to check in to not only provide an update but also share a hard lesson I have learned. I know when I was diagnosed over a decade ago, my life was turned completely upside down. I’ve talked about that before on the surface, but I had never really taken an in-depth look at my new life since. I have been reflecting on that lately and have come to the conclusion that perhaps I have in fact let it (MS) get a tight hold on me. I swore to myself I would never let it define who I am, or my contributions to the world.  Now, I am beginning to see that maybe this is exactly where I am meant to be and my experience in this life does in fact define who I am, and that includes MS. My strength through obstacles and the choices that have presented themselves will not go ignored, nor will the lessons and insight I have gained through it all be minimized.  Writing allows me to feel stronger and embrace the hope that my own positive outlook of living with a disease like MS is embraced by another person somewhere out there who faces similar challenges.

With that being said, there are new medication choices that my neurologist, husband and I are considering.  Without dissecting this more than I already have in this moment; I have an appointment to look at the possibility of a new infusion treatment and making that change later in March. The thought of stopping my MS progression in its tracks right now with this new medication is very exciting to me.  It has made me dig a little deeper into what life looks like right now, understand how much worse it could be and appreciate the fact that it does not look different than it does today. Take a minute every day, no matter what your life looks like in this moment and appreciate life for everything that it is.  There are things that are be taken, examined and learned from in every situation. Be your own inspiration.

Thank you, my sweet Shelley, for lifting me up and inspiring me today.

4 thoughts on “A Positive Mind.

  1. Really , one of your best posts yet. I’m glad you are writing again and allowing your writing to inspire and support you as you meet changes and challenges – love you and love your wonderful thoughts that we can all relate to. Thanks for keeping US positive and inspired!!💗💗💗

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