Always Refuse to Sink

imageI Refuse to Sink.

I got a tiny tattoo on my ankle last week. It is very meaningful to me and it is the way I chose to display my continual refusal to sink. It is of an anchor which is the symbol for strength, resilience and courage in the face of obstacles. I chose for an anchor to be forever on my left ankle reminding myself that I am strong and will embrace these new challenges and I know that I will never give in or give up. New challenges will come and sometimes go, being replaced by a new way to look at life.  Always refuse to sink! This may seem silly to some, it was a personal choice but search for a way to remind yourself on a daily basis that you are here to contribute to your own happiness in life. Put reminders in your home, set your phone alarm, have lunch or happy hour with your mom, sister or girlfriends (I know mine are pretty special and always put a smile on my face), and writing always lifts my spirits.
Find your passion and live it 💜


2 thoughts on “Always Refuse to Sink

  1. LOVE IT LISA! Can’t wait to see it soon. What a great way to remind yourself and I know you well enough to know you’ll never sink.


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