Is it better to know that you may not have a great reaction to something or is it better to know the likelihood that you may so you can be better prepared?  I go back and forth with this exact thing many times over – sometimes I want to throw my fingers in my ear belting out la la la la (like a child throwing a tantrum)….and other times I will use all of the many resources available today dissecting each little detail, thus creating the anxious “what if?” in my mind.

I will consciously, starting today, focus on only the positive “what if’s” in life. Forget what can go wrong and only spend time focusing on what can go right in this life.

My 1st infusion of the new MS medication is scheduled for next week.  I am going to throw all of my positive energy into asking myself, “what if this medication is so effective for me that I no longer fear large crowds and heat”.  Or, “what if I choose to go on a run with my husband?” That one makes me laugh a little.

The point being that I have made the decision to cross into this unknown territory with positivity in my heart.  I am a person who believes that the energy you put out into the universe is the energy and experience you will get back.

Here’s to hopeful new beginnings, new goals, and an experience that I can only reflect on in a positive light.  They say its a game-changer, let’s see what you got.


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