A smile. It’s good for the soul.

image1 (7)What’s the cheapest way to improve your looks? A smile. People look so much better when they’re smiling.  Regardless of what the day ahead looks like, I wanted to give ‘smiling for no reason’ a try. Did I look ridiculous smiling at nothing in particular, while sitting at home all alone? I’m guessing so.  But it also did have a positive impact on my entire day! I have days where it is hard to get that smile out, I am sure we all do.  I have days where my MS symptoms are screaming at me a little louder than I would like, or a little louder than they were yesterday, but smiling through it has helped me to always be reminded that this too shall pass.  A negative outlook on life will only attract negative things, but at the same time a positive attitude will attract positive things. I completely understand not being or feeling on top of the world every day, but try to smile through it. You never know the impact it can have.





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