Keeping it light!

Let’s chat about the least known (or talked about) MS symptom. I’m just throwing it out there plain and simple. I can be on emotional overload much of the time. Cry at a commercial about Life insurance? A kitten? A puppy? A baby? I actually don’t discriminate too much. So I cry at the drop of a dime. I may also laugh when it is completely inappropriate. These are just a couple of the things I experience most of the time from an emotional standpoint with MS.  I received this email the other day from healthline: 29 things only a person with MS would understand. I laughed my way through it because it was so relatable – which got me thinking, almost everyone in the world knows a person with MS and knows of their struggles. Let’s all lighten it up a bit and share a laugh about some of the situations that a person living with MS deals with on the daily! Have a fantastic week 💜

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