Oooohhhh! A Waterslide!

I get so excited, borderline overly excited, to take part in something that just may help me to forget my own challenges for an evening. Why wouldn’t a black light slide event provide me that? So, my husband and I went with my sister, brother in law, nephews and their friends and children.  Fun! Right? We got there, parked in handicapped parking so that I didn’t have to walk too much at this large event, almost 7000 people were there! I purposely left gluten behind for dinner because sometimes that will slow me down even more, drank a bottle of water and let the night start!
It was about 97 degrees out so that kind of heat not only affects me physically but also cognitively. I took a  seat on hot asphalt and visited with my sister. This was quite possibly the only good highlight of my evening. I tried to remain positive and when my husband returned we decided to go grab a beer in the beer garden and my sister went to go stand in the long line with her family.  We were having fun standing, because again they had no seating at this event, in the beer garden people-watching (one of my favorite things to do!) with my husband. Hours passed and I had still not sat down but needed to walk to the bathroom line about 300 yards away. Well, as you can probably imagine, 2 beers later mixed with no sitting and very hot temperatures, my MS was in full effect and walking was not easy. I made it (barely) and went to the bathroom and then we headed back to people-watch some more. Now, the event could have put in the event email that seating would be VERY limited, true, but one of the things I learned as a person living with MS: always prep the way you need to ensuring nothing but a fun night! I should have had a mister to provide some relief in the scorching temps, I should always, always have a chair with me so that I can sit down. Water will always be a better choice for me if I am in a position where other things are going to affect me.

The things I learn everyday will never stop amazing me.

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